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Ready to experience the most tested, most trusted essential oils in the world? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Essential oils empower you with the natural solutions you and your family need to

  • address everyday wellness challenges,

  • experience lifelong vitality, and

  • reduce toxins and synthetic products in your home.

Click LEARN to discover:

  • 3 cool things about essential oils

  • 3 ways to use them

  • how to get oils in your home.

Prefer to learn from a person? Great! Check out our EVENTS page to sign up for our next class or gathering.

Unlike big box stores or online mega-retailers, doTERRA serves you through human beings.


Why? Because we believe in empowering you with both the solutions you need and the expert guidance and support you deserve. We're here for you!

Click CONNECT to:

  • select the perfect Wellness 
    Advocate who can empower you with customized natural solutions to fit your needs.

  • get help choosing the right Enrollment Kit or products.

  • Try before you buy! Your Wellness Advocate will be able to provide you with a sample so you can experience natural solutions for yourself.

Ready to get doTERRA products delivered to your doorstep?

Have you chosen the perfect Wellness Advocate to educate and support you and your family?

Want to shop for the most tested, most trusted essential oils on earth?

Click ENROLL to:

  • Select your Wellness Advocate.

  • Click the "enroll" button on their page. This will lead you to their doTERRA enrollment site.

  • Once you are there, select your doTERRA Enrollment Kit and/or starting products for your first order.

NEED SUPPLIES? Click here for recommended starter supplies.

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