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Hi, I'm Jennifer. I am a mom of two active daughters, a wife, a business owner, and a Data Science Consultant. When I'm not at an organized activity like soccer, gymnastics, hip hop, music lessons, cheerleading, etc, you can find us outside. We love backpacking, skiing, biking, and (on a rare Seattle rainy day) inside playing games or working on our home. My latest hobbies are microcontrollers and painting.


I've enjoyed using and sharing oils with my friends and family for the last few years. It makes my heart happy when someone tells me that a doTERRA oil has helped them or solved a problem.

Jennifer Klemisch

  • Loves helping people interested in...

    • Moving from surviving to thriving.
    • Raising independent children.
    • Using oils to enhance their wellbeing.
    • Emotional and cognitive wellbeing.
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