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I'm Andrea Bazoin (say "Bah-Zwah"), M.Ed. and I'm an ecotarian and hybrid professional. This means when I work, I often combine my experience in higher education administration, community and youth advocacy, entrepreneurship, writing, and wellness.


My personal cross-cultural identity gives me a unique worldview and often influences my professional pursuits.

My mom is from Chile, my husband is from France, and our kiddo is beautifully mixed (like me). I grew up in Nebraska, and will always think of myself as a farm girl at heart. I adore cooking, especially when I can boost the flavor with oils!


I've been a doTERRA Wellness Advocate since 2018, when I went to one of "those" parties. I entered full of skepticism, and left feeling curious and hopeful. Today, I'm incredibly proud to share these gifts of the earth because they've done so much for me and my family. I'm also proud to uplift a company doing so much good in the world. 

Andrea Bazoin

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