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We all long to BELONG. May we create this inclusive, enriching space - together! Discover all the ways you can connect with others who desire to live a wellness lifestyle.
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A Wellness Advocate is someone who is there to listen to your needs and goals and help you find natural solutions to fit your budget and lifestyle.


If you are new to doTERRA and need to find a Wellness Advocate, you can browse our team members to find the person you'd most like to work with (whether based on a shared location, similar interests, or a mutual friend.

Note: If you're an existing doTERRA member, yet desire to connect with a supportive Wellness Advocate, please email so we can get best assist you.


Mighty Networks is our community platform. This is our shared space to...

  • View posts from members about their oil experiences.

  • Ask questions and get answers.

  • Share and read testimonials.

  • Learn about upcoming events.

You can request to join (we limit the group to members and their friends, just to keep things private, safer, and spam-free).

We use Mighty Networks because:

  • It's less distracting than other scroll-inducing social platforms.

  • It's powered by people, not profits or ads.

  • It's uncluttered and easy to navigate.

  • It's an app on your phone - super convenient!

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We regularly host events both online and in-person. View our list of events and join us for something special!

Events are a great way to introduce a friend to our community as well.

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